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Anyone who owns a small business should know that there’s really no need for them to compete for search engine results on a national level. Instead, you can actually get much better results and a much larger ROI if you target your specific audience. Typically, this audience is made up of people who live near your business.

Let’s say that you own a plumbing business and have a small brochure like website. You’ve probably heard that you need to get good search engine results for this site but you don’t have a lot of money to invest therein. With this in mind you should know that one of the top SEO tips here actually has to do with targeting the right keyword. So, instead of targeting the word “plumber,” you should be targeting the phrase “plumbers in Saxonburg” (or wherever it is that you’re located). Not only would you save a lot of money here but you’ll get much better results in a lot less time too. This is because you’ll only be competing with other websites who have that keyword phrase.

Now that you have a better understanding of what local SEO is really all about, you should know that there are 5 SEO tips ad tricks that you should be using.

Keyword Optimization

Your website is your online business storefront. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that it portrays the right message to both users and search engines alike. This is why it’s so important to make sure that your content use keywords correctly. What this means is that your keywords should be located in:
1. The domain name should at least have your business name in it and if possible, it should also contain your location.
2. Each page’s title should list your business name, location and services offered.
3. Local SEO tips also say that your keywords should be in both your meta tags and your descriptions.
4. Your content should mention the type of work that you do, where you’re located and contain links to things in your area to reinforce the fact that this really is your target location.

Contact Information

Your contact information (business name, address and phone number) shouldn’t only be on the front page of your website but it should also be on your contact page and all of your other web pages as well. Thanks to WordPress SEO tips whenever you’re working with this type of website will make it easy to ensure that this information is in the footer of each page.

Local Listings

There are lots of local places where you can list your website such as directories and review based websites. You’ll want to have as many of these as possible pointing back to your website so that search engines know that your website is relevant for specific services within a certain location. Not only do you want to list your website here but you also want to keep these links updated with photos and information about your company.


Another one of the important, free SEO tips is to have your clients go online and leave a review about your business. Anyone for whom you’ve done a good job and who is happy with your work will have no problem doing this for you. Of course, you can make this easier for them by providing an email link on your testimonials page for them to use.

Once reviews start coming in, make sure to reply to them regardless of what they say. This allows new clients to see that you take pride in your work. Just don’t get into arguments about bad reviews when they happen.

Important SEO Tips for Social Media

There are lots of social media websites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) today. These aren’t only for young people to blab on, they’re also for small companies to use in making a good name for themselves. For this reason, you’ll not only want to have social media accounts but you’ll also want to keep them updated with photos and posts. The more active you are in these outlets, the more likely it will be for you to get inquiries through them as well. Also, make sure to check your messages as people like sending them instead of picking up the phone anymore.

A Final Word on Local SEO Tips

Now that you’re better informed as to how to use the search engines to the advantage of your small, local business, it’s time to get busy, get to work and employ these techniques for your website. Doing so will help you to see an increase in traffic coming from search engines, which in turn will lead to new clients coming to your business. Since this is ultimately every business’ goal, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it today.

5 Best Ways of Avoiding Google Penalty

Google Penalty Adelaide

Before working on avoiding Google Penalty it is good to start by first knowing how much penalties types there are. In Google there are specifically only two types of penalties. The first one is the manual penalty and such penalties are easy to recognize. They are always followed by a message from Google in the Google Webmasters Tools Account. The second penalty is the algorithmic penalty which occurs only when carrying out an update on Google algorithms. However, this could be a slight aberration or maybe a series of variations which does create a penalty automatically. This second penalty is critical as it can cause a website to experience a drastic drop in the search engine ranking.

Avoid Penalty: Understand What Google Wants

Knowing the penalties help in solving or preventing them. There are various ways that are helpful in avoiding an algorithmic penalty. The basic step is to ensure total adherence to Google guidelines which has unequivocally made clear on specific rules that should be followed as a preventive measure as well as a warning. Therefore, any trick that tries to deviate from the clearly stated guidelines will only lead to penalties. It is pertinent to note that these Google guidelines are regularly updated and hence it is highly vital to always go through them when the Search Engine Optimization is being carried out.

Make Sure You Have Content Audit In Place

Another important thing to do with avoidance of Google penalty is having content audit in place. This is the best way to determine out what is being done wrong as well as how best to rectify it, and prevent it from any Google penalty. Therefore, having a content audit in place provides an evaluation and understanding of the website’s content in comparison to the business objectives and meeting user demands. It helps in recognizing areas which need updating as well as in the assessment of content’s structure and consistency of your website. For a website that has so many pages, you can simply target the very top pages based on the number of visits using Google Analytics. In the end this action will be helpful in defining the top traffic pages on your website and by improving the content on your website which will help in staying far away from any Google penalty.

Always Maintain An Error Free Link Profile

It is also very important that the link profile audit is done regularly. Internet website owners should not always wait for a manual penalty before conducting an audit. All websites are indexed by Google solely based on the quality of link profiles. This to Google determines the quality of the sources of the links provided, ascertaining whether the links are coming from a good sources or not. Also, the anchor text used for the links are usually the two main structures based on which an algorithm will be used to rank the website. Using Google Webmasters Tools can be really helpful in getting a list of all the links. With such information about all links Google uses to rank a website, this can be used to analyze possible problems before they turn out to become penalties.

Evaluate Your SEO & Content Consistency

Having the right SEO is important and before the evaluation of the website. It is good to verify if you have, you have the right SEO. There is a major difference between good and bad search engine optimizations. Find out if the SEO used on your website used any obsolete techniques such as cloaking, keyword stuffing, over optimized anchor text, spammy links, and the like. All these mentioned techniques could lead to a Google penalty. Finally, make sure there is consistency and sync with website content. There are various types of contents and each with a role in content marketing strategy, understand which content will pull traffic. Good traffic translates into good rankings and that will certainly be helpful in preventing – Avoiding From Google Penalty.

If you are operating your business in Adelaide and would like to hire a SEO expert then we are your NO.1 solution. I hope you do enjoy learning from this article. To make sure your website is safe from Google Penalty please talk to us today. We are one of the leading Australia SEO companies.

Why is the location of your web hosting server important?

One criteria among many others?

Web Hosting in PerthMany parameters must be taken into account when choosing your web hosting server. Most of the time, people seeking a hosting company mostly considering the specifications, prices and quality of customer support. Other considerations must be factored, such as the awareness of the company in terms of environmental impact and actions to reduce the quality of IT equipment used, site and data security. But we must recognize that very few people care about where the infrastructure of their hosting server really lies, as this can have a significant impact on the desired operation of their site and their SEO.

The link between location and connectivity

To ensure they can access the sites they manage at all times, hosting companies in Perth WA like Web Wizards have computers connected to the Internet continuously using a high-speed connection (hundreds of Mbps). The place where the servers are located may slightly influence the speed with which a user has access to sites hosted by those servers. This is not necessarily always perceived by the user because the differences are just a matter of seconds.

In addition, if the servers are close to telecom operators, they can benefit from faster connectivity and therefore are less likely to have outages.

Note that the configuration of the storage network is also a key element for fast connectivity. Indeed, with the best performance and hard drives according to their numbers, the data access can be faster because the servers are thus less loaded.

Location, security and potential savings

Secure data centers used by the hosting sites are required. In particular, it is made using high-performance fire protection devices and supply of guaranteed energy, sometimes by double electric distribution systems that provide energy supply in case of blackout. The use of generators is also widespread in this industry. The location of several hosting servers in a relatively close area may allow joint investments in terms of security and thus lower costs for users who wish to host their sites.

Location and visibility of your website on search engines

This last point is not the least, quite the contrary! Most search engines are also using the location of servers (server IP address) as a ranking factor for the SEO of a website. This is the case for example for domains .com, .net, .info, .org, etc. This does not apply to areas with extensions .com.au, .ch, .ca, etc., which are directly related to a country and referenced as such.

Thus, if a site mainly dedicated to Australian customers is located on a server located in Switzerland or Canada, this site may not appear on .com.au search pages but only on Switzerland and Canada results. Some search engines (including Google) can rectify this problem without you having to change your server, offering you to specify the country where you want to locate your site.

Thus, depending on your geographical area and the main target market of your site, do not forget to ask about the location of different hosting servers before you select one.

How To Find The Best Web Designer In Perth Western Australia

With the advent of the web, more and more people are using online platforms for doing a number of things. From shopping to socializing, everything is now done right from a computer desk. Most of the business owners in Perth, Western Australia have realized the importance of web based platforms for marketing their products and are marking their online presence by setting their site. However, online marketing is not very easy. Moreover, there are millions and millions of websites on the net; many of them are contesting in the same niche to grab customers. In such a situation drawing the attention of visitors to your site is very difficult. This is where a unique website design crafted by the best web designer in Perth comes into play to help you win prospects online.

Why hire a designer for custom web design

Many business owners think that they can easily design their website without taking the help of a designer. Unluckily, most of these folks end up designing an unappealing site. As a result, they fail to draw potential customers to their site. In fact, many business owners are forced to shut their website after witnessing a big failure. Luckily, you can avoid such a scenario and still win prospects again and again by having your site designed through a reputed web designer. However, the key issue is how to find a reputed designer in Perth, Western Australia.

Tips to find a reliable designer for original web designs

First and foremost, enquire folks in your touch and relations who spend a lot of time online; any of these individuals who are familiar with a reputed design firm will help you out in this regard. They might recommend you the names of a couple of web design firms matching your specific requirements. In case your buddies and acquaintances are unable to help you in this respect, surf Perth yellow pages and business directories.

Most of the good designers promote their services in these venues. As a result, you stand a good chance of locating an ideal designer no matter whether you are looking for a simple designer or an ecommerce web designer. Internet is another great place to find an ideal designer for any kind of web design including responsive websites web design. Just hit the web with relevant search phrases, and pen down the names of reputed designers who are well known for crafting eye catchy website designs.

Now surf online reviews and customer testimonies to find out the experience of folks who have hired these designers. Collect detailed info from designers who are highly endorsed by earlier customers. Go through the types of designs offered by each of the designers in view of your specific requirements. Finally, negotiate with the designer who can create an interesting website matching your needs on a budget.

Final words

Hiring the best web designer for designing a website is imperative in order to thrive and succeed on the web. So make sure you hire a reputed and competent designer for designing your site. Just follow the above mentioned tips and tricks, and you could be able to locate the right designer for crafting an appealing site that could help you win loads of customers over and over.

Hiring an Seo Company Versus In House Seo in Baltimore

SEO Linkbuilding

SEO forms an important part within the online marketing strategy of any online based business. Used effectively, it can ensure better ranking in search engine results pages and an influx of organic traffic to the business’ website. Businesses in need of SEO services usually have two hiring options. Either to hire an SEO company or an in house SEO expert. But, which option is better for Baltimore’s small business? The following is a guide comparing between hiring an Seo company versus in house seo.


SEO is a fast changing industry. New trends are emerging and seo’s need to keep up with these trends in order to handle their client’s seo demands effectively. Hiring an seo company has the advantage of bringing in a mix of expertise which is not necessarily limited to seo. Most of these companies employ different talents such as a web designer to handle the website design aspects when optimizing the website. An in house seo expert on the other hand might not have an array of skills which might be necessary to effectively run an seo campaign. In addition, the business might be forced to facilitate training of the seo expert to equip them with the skills needed to run a successful seo campaign.


Hiring an seo agency in Baltimore can be quite expensive. One reason for this is that most companies offer additional services such as doubling up as a web design company. Another reason is that these companies bring in a pool of different talents that work together to ensure every seo campaign is successful. Although expensive, hiring a company can also be considered to be more cost effective that hiring an in house expert. The reason for this is that most seo companies usually get paid for results provided. An in house expert needs to be paid whether they provide results or not. In addition, the expert might turn out expensive if the business runs only one website.

Focus on your website

Seo companies work for different online businesses at once. This means that focus is usually concentrated on businesses that pay better or have a sense of urgency. Complete focus on your business’ seo campaign isn’t guaranteed when working with these companies. An in house seo expert on the other hand is able to focus on your seo goals since they are working solely on your business’ website. In addition, the in house expert is able to incorporate the business’ goals into the seo campaign.

Control over the seo campaign

Hiring an in house seo expert allows the business to still have control over the seo campaign. The business owner can regularly keep track of the experts progress as well as be able to communicate what’s expected on a personal level. This however is the contrary when hiring an seo agency. Once the business owner outsources their seo, all seo efforts are handled by the hired company.

Whether to hire an in house seo or outsource the business’ seo to an agency largely depends on the available resources, the scope of the seo campaign and, level of expertise required.

Excellent SEO services for businesses in Runcorn

SEO For Local Business

The SEO strategies we apply are relevant and can be customized for professionals to ensure that the client gets a top ranking in Google for their primary keyword. The leads generated are specific for the kind of clients the professional or business would like to connect with.

We provide an SEO marketing medium to businesses and professionals who want to connect with clients who may be seeking their products or services online. We are committed to make the businesses the most sought after in their specialty. We have the resources and expertise to host the platforms used in publishing to market the services and products provided by a business. We have teams of copywriters who are highly trained on the most effective way to use terminology that applies to various industries to ensure information about your business or profession reaches the target audience.

Some of the services provided to professionals and businesses include branding, web design, PPC advertising, search marketing, content marketing, SEO and social media marketing. These premium services are specifically designed to give businesses a competitive edge in their practice to ensure they enjoy impressive SEO benefits for local business Runcorn,

We are focused on providing quality SEO services for businesses and professionals in various industries. We have created an effective system that helps the businesses professionals acquire leads and new clients. We apply smart internet marketing strategies such as social media, content marketing and SEO to help you connect with clients who are interested in the products and services you provide.

SEO and internet marketing for professionals and businesses is meant to enhance your reputation, build awareness and credibility in your industry. It also drives interested clients to your website. We focus on exceeding customer satisfaction. The service we offer is sure to help clients grow their businesses and serve new clients.

We have extensive experience and expertise in customizing SEO services to suit the requirement of the clients we serve. The Pay per Click (PPC) advertising service we provide is meant to supplement other SEO programs to increase online exposure and drive clients to your website.

The search marketing and SEO applied our company is effective in maximizing the online visibility of the services provided by various businesses in the geographical area they operate. The search engine visibility and exposure we provide is an excellent marketing investment. It is the best way a professional can promote their practice to clients who want to benefit from their services.

We help you explore internet marketing opportunities that have the power to attract qualified traffic to your website. A quality SEO and online marketing strategy is what forms the foundation for a strong online presence. The increased number of clients served by the business as a result of search marketing provides great value. The high Google rankings the businesses or professionals get builds their reputation as authority figures in their industry. Top search engine rankings are effective because clients in your area are actively looking for the products and services you provide. SEO and PPC advertising gives you lets you enjoy SEO benefits for local business Runcorn.

We seek to provide comprehensive online marketing services for businesses and professionals. Our skills and resources are directed toward the services that are most sought by clients. The clients who have used the internet marketing solutions we provide have become leaders in their area of specialization.