5 Best Ways of Avoiding Google Penalty

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5 Best Ways of Avoiding Google Penalty

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Before working on avoiding Google Penalty it is good to start by first knowing how much penalties types there are. In Google there are specifically only two types of penalties. The first one is the manual penalty and such penalties are easy to recognize. They are always followed by a message from Google in the Google Webmasters Tools Account. The second penalty is the algorithmic penalty which occurs only when carrying out an update on Google algorithms. However, this could be a slight aberration or maybe a series of variations which does create a penalty automatically. This second penalty is critical as it can cause a website to experience a drastic drop in the search engine ranking.

Avoid Penalty: Understand What Google Wants

Knowing the penalties help in solving or preventing them. There are various ways that are helpful in avoiding an algorithmic penalty. The basic step is to ensure total adherence to Google guidelines which has unequivocally made clear on specific rules that should be followed as a preventive measure as well as a warning. Therefore, any trick that tries to deviate from the clearly stated guidelines will only lead to penalties. It is pertinent to note that these Google guidelines are regularly updated and hence it is highly vital to always go through them when the Search Engine Optimization is being carried out.

Make Sure You Have Content Audit In Place

Another important thing to do with avoidance of Google penalty is having content audit in place. This is the best way to determine out what is being done wrong as well as how best to rectify it, and prevent it from any Google penalty. Therefore, having a content audit in place provides an evaluation and understanding of the website’s content in comparison to the business objectives and meeting user demands. It helps in recognizing areas which need updating as well as in the assessment of content’s structure and consistency of your website. For a website that has so many pages, you can simply target the very top pages based on the number of visits using Google Analytics. In the end this action will be helpful in defining the top traffic pages on your website and by improving the content on your website which will help in staying far away from any Google penalty.

Always Maintain An Error Free Link Profile

It is also very important that the link profile audit is done regularly. Internet website owners should not always wait for a manual penalty before conducting an audit. All websites are indexed by Google solely based on the quality of link profiles. This to Google determines the quality of the sources of the links provided, ascertaining whether the links are coming from a good sources or not. Also, the anchor text used for the links are usually the two main structures based on which an algorithm will be used to rank the website. Using Google Webmasters Tools can be really helpful in getting a list of all the links. With such information about all links Google uses to rank a website, this can be used to analyze possible problems before they turn out to become penalties.

Evaluate Your SEO & Content Consistency

Having the right SEO is important and before the evaluation of the website. It is good to verify if you have, you have the right SEO. There is a major difference between good and bad search engine optimizations. Find out if the SEO used on your website used any obsolete techniques such as cloaking, keyword stuffing, over optimized anchor text, spammy links, and the like. All these mentioned techniques could lead to a Google penalty. Finally, make sure there is consistency and sync with website content. There are various types of contents and each with a role in content marketing strategy, understand which content will pull traffic. Good traffic translates into good rankings and that will certainly be helpful in preventing – Avoiding From Google Penalty.

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