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ByVera Lee

Hiring an Seo Company Versus In House Seo in Baltimore

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SEO forms an important part within the online marketing strategy of any online based business. Used effectively, it can ensure better ranking in search engine results pages and an influx of organic traffic to the business’ website. Businesses in need of SEO services usually have two hiring options. Either to hire an SEO company or an in house SEO expert. But, which option is better for Baltimore’s small business? The following is a guide comparing between hiring an Seo company versus in house seo.


SEO is a fast changing industry. New trends are emerging and seo’s need to keep up with these trends in order to handle their client’s seo demands effectively. Hiring an seo company has the advantage of bringing in a mix of expertise which is not necessarily limited to seo. Most of these companies employ different talents such as a web designer to handle the website design aspects when optimizing the website. An in house seo expert on the other hand might not have an array of skills which might be necessary to effectively run an seo campaign. In addition, the business might be forced to facilitate training of the seo expert to equip them with the skills needed to run a successful seo campaign.


Hiring an seo agency in Baltimore can be quite expensive. One reason for this is that most companies offer additional services such as doubling up as a web design company. Another reason is that these companies bring in a pool of different talents that work together to ensure every seo campaign is successful. Although expensive, hiring a company can also be considered to be more cost effective that hiring an in house expert. The reason for this is that most seo companies usually get paid for results provided. An in house expert needs to be paid whether they provide results or not. In addition, the expert might turn out expensive if the business runs only one website.

Focus on your website

Seo companies work for different online businesses at once. This means that focus is usually concentrated on businesses that pay better or have a sense of urgency. Complete focus on your business’ seo campaign isn’t guaranteed when working with these companies. An in house seo expert on the other hand is able to focus on your seo goals since they are working solely on your business’ website. In addition, the in house expert is able to incorporate the business’ goals into the seo campaign.

Control over the seo campaign

Hiring an in house seo expert allows the business to still have control over the seo campaign. The business owner can regularly keep track of the experts progress as well as be able to communicate what’s expected on a personal level. This however is the contrary when hiring an seo agency. Once the business owner outsources their seo, all seo efforts are handled by the hired company.

Whether to hire an in house seo or outsource the business’ seo to an agency largely depends on the available resources, the scope of the seo campaign and, level of expertise required.