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ByVera Lee

Why is the location of your web hosting server important?

One criteria among many others?

Web Hosting in PerthMany parameters must be taken into account when choosing your web hosting server. Most of the time, people seeking a hosting company mostly considering the specifications, prices and quality of customer support. Other considerations must be factored, such as the awareness of the company in terms of environmental impact and actions to reduce the quality of IT equipment used, site and data security. But we must recognize that very few people care about where the infrastructure of their hosting server really lies, as this can have a significant impact on the desired operation of their site and their SEO.

The link between location and connectivity

To ensure they can access the sites they manage at all times, hosting companies in Perth WA like Web Wizards have computers connected to the Internet continuously using a high-speed connection (hundreds of Mbps). The place where the servers are located may slightly influence the speed with which a user has access to sites hosted by those servers. This is not necessarily always perceived by the user because the differences are just a matter of seconds.

In addition, if the servers are close to telecom operators, they can benefit from faster connectivity and therefore are less likely to have outages.

Note that the configuration of the storage network is also a key element for fast connectivity. Indeed, with the best performance and hard drives according to their numbers, the data access can be faster because the servers are thus less loaded.

Location, security and potential savings

Secure data centers used by the hosting sites are required. In particular, it is made using high-performance fire protection devices and supply of guaranteed energy, sometimes by double electric distribution systems that provide energy supply in case of blackout. The use of generators is also widespread in this industry. The location of several hosting servers in a relatively close area may allow joint investments in terms of security and thus lower costs for users who wish to host their sites.

Location and visibility of your website on search engines

This last point is not the least, quite the contrary! Most search engines are also using the location of servers (server IP address) as a ranking factor for the SEO of a website. This is the case for example for domains .com, .net, .info, .org, etc. This does not apply to areas with extensions, .ch, .ca, etc., which are directly related to a country and referenced as such.

Thus, if a site mainly dedicated to Australian customers is located on a server located in Switzerland or Canada, this site may not appear on search pages but only on Switzerland and Canada results. Some search engines (including Google) can rectify this problem without you having to change your server, offering you to specify the country where you want to locate your site.

Thus, depending on your geographical area and the main target market of your site, do not forget to ask about the location of different hosting servers before you select one.