Looking For Swansea SEO?

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Looking For Swansea SEO?

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Anyone who owns a small business should know that there’s really no need for them to compete for search engine results on a national level. Instead, you can actually get much better results and a much larger ROI if you target your specific audience. Typically, this audience is made up of people who live near your business.

Let’s say that you own a plumbing business and have a small brochure like website. You’ve probably heard that you need to get good search engine results for this site but you don’t have a lot of money to invest therein. With this in mind you should know that one of the top SEO tips here actually has to do with targeting the right keyword. So, instead of targeting the word “plumber,” you should be targeting the phrase “plumbers in Saxonburg” (or wherever it is that you’re located). Not only would you save a lot of money here but you’ll get much better results in a lot less time too. This is because you’ll only be competing with other websites who have that keyword phrase.

Now that you have a better understanding of what local SEO is really all about, you should know that there are 5 SEO tips ad tricks that you should be using.

Keyword Optimization

Your website is your online business storefront. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that it portrays the right message to both users and search engines alike. This is why it’s so important to make sure that your content use keywords correctly. What this means is that your keywords should be located in:
1. The domain name should at least have your business name in it and if possible, it should also contain your location.
2. Each page’s title should list your business name, location and services offered.
3. Local SEO tips also say that your keywords should be in both your meta tags and your descriptions.
4. Your content should mention the type of work that you do, where you’re located and contain links to things in your area to reinforce the fact that this really is your target location.

Contact Information

Your contact information (business name, address and phone number) shouldn’t only be on the front page of your website but it should also be on your contact page and all of your other web pages as well. Thanks to WordPress SEO tips whenever you’re working with this type of website will make it easy to ensure that this information is in the footer of each page.

Local Listings

There are lots of local places where you can list your website such as directories and review based websites. You’ll want to have as many of these as possible pointing back to your website so that search engines know that your website is relevant for specific services within a certain location. Not only do you want to list your website here but you also want to keep these links updated with photos and information about your company.


Another one of the important, free SEO tips is to have your clients go online and leave a review about your business. Anyone for whom you’ve done a good job and who is happy with your work will have no problem doing this for you. Of course, you can make this easier for them by providing an email link on your testimonials page for them to use.

Once reviews start coming in, make sure to reply to them regardless of what they say. This allows new clients to see that you take pride in your work. Just don’t get into arguments about bad reviews when they happen.

Important SEO Tips for Social Media

There are lots of social media websites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) today. These aren’t only for young people to blab on, they’re also for small companies to use in making a good name for themselves. For this reason, you’ll not only want to have social media accounts but you’ll also want to keep them updated with photos and posts. The more active you are in these outlets, the more likely it will be for you to get inquiries through them as well. Also, make sure to check your messages as people like sending them instead of picking up the phone anymore.

A Final Word on Local SEO Tips

Now that you’re better informed as to how to use the search engines to the advantage of your small, local business, it’s time to get busy, get to work and employ these techniques for your website. Doing so will help you to see an increase in traffic coming from search engines, which in turn will lead to new clients coming to your business. Since this is ultimately every business’ goal, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it today.

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